International Women's Association of Vilnius

The International Women's Association of Vilnius (IWAV) is a charitable organisation and support group that unites international and local women living in Lithuania.

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Upcoming Events

Announcing 20th ICCB on December 3, 2022

This year the International Women's Association of Vilnius will celebrate our Jubilee 20th International Christmas Charity Bazaar on the 3rd of December at Vilnius Town Hall Square. Don't miss it out a chance to find special presents for your beloved ones. Embassies in Lithuania together with international schools and IWAV will prepare a magical event to benefit charities in Lithuania.

The application form for charity beneficiaries is online now, deadline is June 30, 2022

Our Mission

We are a non-governmental and non-profit association which serves as a forum for socialising, community empowerment and charitable giving.

The association is entirely led and run by volunteers.

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Socialising & Charitable Giving

IWAV's mission is socialising and charity giving. We extend the hand of friendship to assist foreign and international women living in Vilnius to promote inter-cultural exchange through an established network.

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IWAV works toward sustainable empowerment through a variety of activities designed to contribute to the personal growth of its members, as well as to the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups located within the community we call home.



In 1992, against the backdrop of a newly independent Lithuania, a small group of expatriate women living in Vilnius took the initiative to form a women's group. Alongside a rapidly expanding international community, group membership increased, culminating in 1998 with its official registration as the International Women's Association of Vilnius (IWAV).

In 2003, our famous International Christmas Charity Bazaar (ICCB) was born.
This was followed by our breast cancer charity event Blossom of Hope in 2009.